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Former Senator Scott Brown faces rough battle from New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin

New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will ramp up his criticism of Massachusetts liberal Scott Brown when Andy announces he will hold a Friday news conference to demand that Brown release his Fox News and lobbying contracts before December 18th. Andy says Scott Brown could not win with the powers of incumbency; now wants to take on an incumbent. Andy says it is time for New Hampshire Republicans to stop selling out the state to political entrepreneurs who put cash in the New Hampshire GOP’s bank account but weaken the party locally. Andy says his “Three Zombie” opponents would not be stiff opposition for Brown; Andy is a rough opponent who would battle Brown down to the wire for the senate nomination. “American voters and New Hampshire citizens are fed up with the ‘politics as usual’ of Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen,” Andy says. “They are two peas in a pod.”

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New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Scott Brown faces a “bruising primary” if he moves to New Hampshire

Andy will hold a news conference Friday to confront Brown

Andy says Brown’s reluctance to release Brown’s Fox News contract and details of his lobbying work reflect “politics as usual in both parties”

Andy says he already faces “three zombie candidates” in the 2014 Republican primary; Brown is a potential fourth opponent

Andy says it is time for New Hampshire GOP leaders to “stop selling out the party” to out-of-state political entrepreneurs such as Scott Brown

(Manchester, NH) (December 12, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says former Senator Scott Brown faces a “bruising primary” if Brown decides to run for the U. S. Senate from New Hampshire.

“Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen represent what is wrong with American politics. Brown went from the revolving door of Congress to lobbying and Fox News largess, while Shaheen went from the largess of the Kennedy family and liberal institutions to Congress.

“Brown is a Massachusetts ‘gun-grabber’ who has a long history of supporting proposals that are rejected by New Hampshire voters. Brown is a tool of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I have characterized my three announced primary opponents as the ‘Three Zombies’ (Rubens, Smith, Testerman). None of them have any recent national political experience. No one who has ever faced off against me has enjoyed the experience. Just ask Barack Obama if he thinks I am a pushover. I have made Obama's life miserable for the past nine years. I exposed the military fraud Mark Kirk.

“I am a partisan Republican, but I am nonpartisan when it comes to fighting government corruption and political arrogance. I welcome Brown's entry into the primary. Friday I will call for Brown to release his Fox News contract and law/lobbying contracts and clients.

“Republicans should not wait for the Democrats to shred Brown. If Brown is serious about running he has to open up before he announces, not afterwards.

“I am the only Republican senate candidate who has a track record of fighting the Obama-Shaheen axis. My campaign is already running advertising on New Hampshire radio stations (copies of the ads are attached to emailed version of this release and are available on request).

“In Massachusetts, Brown had the advantages of incumbency, tens of millions of dirty dollars from Wall Street ‘investors’ and a completely inexperienced opponent in Elizabeth Warren who misrepresented her heritage. And Brown could not beat Warren. While Warren had a liberal orthodoxy, Brown only represents Brown. Brown, like Obama, only worships himself.

“One of the weaknesses of the New Hampshire Republican Party is that almost everyone in the party has their hands out for ‘national’ cash from out-of-staters interested in running for president. The result is that the party has fielded weak candidates on its own state ticket.

“The party is repeating the same mistake with Jennifer Horn’s nonsense about Brown’s appeal to New Hampshire voters. Horn cannot raise money on her own merits so she is franchising the party’s legitimacy to Brown for a cash infusion. Horn should concentrate on rebuilding a dead party and stop putting out her hand for handouts from out-of-state political entrepreneurs such as Brown who pitch up and use New Hampshire for their own purposes.

“Horn’s remarks to Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald that Brown has an ‘opportunity’ in New Hampshire [link below] are an embarrassment to every New Hampshire Republican. If nothing else, Horn’s de facto endorsement of Brown will coalesce Horn’s opponents into an opposition against Brown.

“When I announced my campaign for the U. S. Senate on Memorial Day weekend everyone thought Shaheen was invincible. Now political opportunists are trying to big foot the primary race by jumping in when they think Shaheen is vulnerable. Any serious candidate for the U. S. Senate would not say, as Brown has, that he can wait until June 13th to announce his candidacy.

“Brown showed he has a ‘glass jaw’ against a rookie candidate in 2012; how could Brown seriously run against a ‘heavyweight’ incumbent senator like Jeanne Shaheen? Frankly, Brown is out of his league. He couldn’t win with the advantages of incumbency; now he wants to take on an incumbent. What am I missing?

“I will not step aside for Scott Brown. If Brown wants to seriously run in New Hampshire I defend his constitutional right to do so. But Brown should step up and man up and stop playing political games with the future of this nation. It is opportunistic Republicans such as Brown who elected Barack Obama in 2008. It is opportunistic politicians such as Brown who are afraid to fight Obama that will end up damaging our nation because they are ‘playing politics’ rather than trying to stop Obama from imposing Obama’s warped vision on this nation.

“Ironically, Brown has never before faced a primary opponent. He has one now,” Andy says. “Let’s fight.”


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