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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin reports on Northern Pass

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin provides a progress report on his efforts to help block the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line. Northern pass would cut New Hampshire in half with massive towers, devastate local property values, discourage tourism and negatively impact state government


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August 7, 2011

Re: A progress report concerning my opposition to Northern Pass

Dear Opponent of Northern Pass:[1]

I am pleased and proud to provide this progress report on my efforts to fight Northern Pass.

Last Sunday I completed the first phase of my statewide march against Northern Pass. We marched for twenty miles over two days, luckily with no blisters and no sunburn. I give thanks to my campaign team; they did a better job of preparing me for a march in the sun than I would have done on my own.

We are planning to resume the march where we left off, in front of Howard’s Restaurant in Colebrook, heading south on Route 3. Stay tuned for updated information on march dates.

This week we start a new radio advertising campaign against Northern Pass, as well as continuing our TV ads against the project.

Many people who are Northern Pass opponents have never been involved in a “political” battle before. Yes, opposing Northern Pass is a “political” matter. Corporate power seeks the path of least resistance. Big corporations try to trample people who have the least political power. That’s the way government works. Lawyers and lobbyists seek to influence public officials to favor their clients; why else would they be paid?

My presidential campaign has put the Northern Pass controversy on the 2012 presidential primary agenda. Opponents of Northern Pass now have a means of balancing the scales of government in their favor. You can support my efforts to block the project.

Maybe that’s why just hours after the first phase of my march ended, Northern Pass announced they were going to further delay announcing a final route. It appears they will try to delay until after the presidential primary.

I hope you will spread the word about our efforts so that as we continue our march down the state others can join us in their local communities. To be effective and have an impact, opponents cannot make just a one day or a one week or a one month effort. Big corporations have a long-term perspective. Opponents have to have a similar perspective, which is why I am walking week after week and month after month.

We are being taken very seriously by the opposition. In June I received the following email:

Subject: Northern Pass

Date: 6/29/2011 1:35:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Reply To:


Mr Martin:

I am 100% behind your campaign for President! I'm hoping that you can make the
Northern Pass an issue in the 2012 NH Primary! I have heard that President Obama is against the Northern Pass because he is a Muslim and wants us to keep buying oil from his "relatives" over in the Middle East. Is this true?
I would think that Obama would support the
Northern Pass because he supports giving all of our authority to the UN so they can establish a North American Energy plan that invloves annexing lands for hydro-transmission lines. Thoughts? Let me know when you'll be in the state next and we can go campaigning!


Our counterintelligence algorithms flagged Boudreaux’s email as suspicious. And our counterintelligence was correct (we’ve been doing this in one form or another for decades). Recently Mr. Boudreaux started sending out emails attacking me. Mr. Boudreaux is on the payroll of Northern Pass. Northern Pass’ law firm is led by a leading Barack Obama supporter. Obama & Co. have been attacking me for years for disclosing embarrassing facts about President Obama. They are very worried about my presidential campaign, and they are obviously concerned by my campaign’s efforts in New Hampshire fighting Northern Pass.

Liberals may not like me; but they respect my experience and ability to fight for ordinary citizens.

President Obama’s dirty tricks operatives tried to block publication of my book on Obama. When I went to Hawai’i to interview Obama’s grandmother, he followed. Obama’s people even created a bogus biography about me. Robert Gibbs, one of Obama’s senior advisers, was/is the go-to guy for the dirty tricks activity against me. That’s politics.

If Northern Pass officials are worried by my opposition to Northern Pass, that you should tell you something about the effect we are having. If you get any more dirty emails from Boudreaux, ask him to disclose who is buying his groceries. You won’t be surprised by the answer. In any event, I am flattered by Obama and Northern Pass’ dirty tricks. They must be worried. [Full disclosure: we are reporting Boudreau to the FBI for possible criminal activity.]

It’s amazing what an honest man who is a presidential candidate can do to fight corporate abuses. I’m a conservative Republican, but a different kind of a conservative Republican than the rumdums I am running against. I work for you, not wall Street or K Street.

Bottom line: I’m very happy with our progress fighting Northern Pass and I hope you are too. See what you can do to help us. As soon as possible, we’ll be “On the Road Again.”

Best wishes,



© Copyright by Andy Martin 2011 - All rights reserved

[1] We send our news to supporters and opponents of NP and, of course, media.

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