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Largest candidate-created rally of 2012 presidential campaign set in New Hampshire

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin has finalized plans for what will become the largest campaign event generated by any presidential candidate in New Hampshire during the 2012 election cycle. Martin will hold a nonpartisan rally Friday, July 29th in Colebrook beginning at 6:00 P.M. to launch his “Operation Walk The Line” march against the Northern Pass high voltage transmission proposal. Martin is inviting the entire population of the North Country to join him Friday and Saturday in protesting the Northern Pass plan that would slice New Hampshire in half and undermine the state’s economy. “All are invited!” Andy says.

Andy Martin invites the entire population of the North Country to join him in rallying against Northern Pass Friday evening and marching against Northern Pass Saturday morning


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The countdown to “Operation Walk the Line” has begun. New Hampshire’s North Country is less than 72 hours from hosting the largest event of the 2012 presidential primary election

Andy Martin will announce later today that he is inviting the entire population of the North Country to join him Friday evening in rallying to protest the Northern Pass high voltage line proposal

New Hampshire’s #1 talk radio personality will be the Master of Ceremonies Friday night at a non-partisan, “wide-open” campaign rally in Colebrook against Northern Pass

Martin says it is ironic that on a day (Friday) when people celebrate the 100th anniversary of our national forests, those forests are again endangered by predatory policies

(COLEBROOK, NH)(July 27, 2011) Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin will announce later today (Wednesday) the final arrangements for what is expected to become the largest candidate-created event to date of the 2012 presidential primary season in New Hampshire.

“Most Republican presidential candidates show up in their corporate jets, change to woodsy clothing, slip in and out of a few big-donor cocktail parties and private meetings, and fly out again,” Martin chortles. “I am here to speak for the people of New Hampshire, and to make sure their voice is heard in the 2012 primary.

“The arrangements for our rally Friday evening and march Saturday morning are complete. We will be releasing them in a few hours. The largest rally of the 2012 presidential primary campaign in New Hampshire is about to unfold.

“Friday evening we will host a rally in Colebrook to celebrate the start of the ‘Long March’ on Saturday morning. Saturday morning we start marching at 9:00 A.M.

“What’s different about my event is that everyone is welcome. We operate on a nonpartisan basis. As long as you oppose Northern Pass, you’re welcome. New Hampshire’s #1 talk radio personality will be the Master of Ceremonies Friday evening. He’s not there to endorse me. He’s there to support the fight to defeat Northern Pass.

“While people in Washington are fighting each other, I am bringing North Country residents together to rally against Northern Pass.

“My campaign is already running TV ads against Northern Pass and we plan to renew those ads. Next week we begin radio ads against Northern Pass. (The TV ads can be seen on Andy’s home page and YouTube channel; the new radio ads will be loaded shortly.)

“Saturday I begin the ‘Long March’ against Northern Pass. Everyone is welcome to join me. I have no corporate jet to ferry me around the state. I’ll be walking along a scenic New Hampshire highway whose views would be devastated by the Northern Pass line.

“Sunday I will attend church services in Colebrook, and then march some more. I’ll march as long as my legs hold up; then I’ll rest for a few days and come back and start marching again where I left off.

“All weekend we will be making national history and New Hampshire history.

First, this is the first statewide march in New Hampshire history by a presidential candidate of any party.

Second, while there have been group events sponsored by local entities, my campaign is organizing the largest event of the 2012 primary campaign, the largest rally actually organized by a candidate’s own campaign in New Hampshire. I can’t predict how many people will show up; that depends on weather, schedules, etc. But we have the potential to draw the largest crowd in history to oppose the Northern Pass because everyone is welcome and because people have put their heart and soul into fighting the outrageous proposal to slice New Hampshire in half with high voltage lines.

“The reaction to the rally and march has been 100% positive.

“Ironically, some people Friday will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national forests law. But today our national forests are endangered. Our forests may not survive another 100 years if they are abused and neglected.

“Finally, I emphasize the rally and march are nonpartisan events. Yes, I am a partisan candidate and I am running as a Republican in the 2012 presidential primary. Of course I welcome support from everyone. But everyone is welcome to participate in my events whether they want to support me as a candidate or not.

America needs a president who reaches out to all segments of our society, not just wealthy or middle/upper class individuals.

“Ronald Reagan created the ‘Reagan Democrats.’ I seriously doubt anyone can imagine ‘Romney Democrats’ or ‘Bachmann Democrats.’ But by the time we vote in February, 2012 there will be ‘Martin Democrats’ who want to join me in binding up the wounds of this nation inflicted by excessive taxation, excessive spending and the insufferable arrogance of the political class. I am not of that class; I am actually indebted to the New Hampshire Republican Party for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate that I am an independent Republican and I, not the state party apparatus, represent New Hampshire’s values of free speech, open debate and independent thought. But even NH GOP stooges are welcome if they want to show up.

“My family came to New Hampshire 100 years ago. They found opportunity and prosperity in New Hampshire. I grew up spending summers at New Hampshire’s lakes and beaches. I played on Elm Street in Manchester. My grandparents are buried in Manchester. The Granite State is in my veins. And, coincidently, I am not running a rabidly partisan campaign like my primary opponents. I want to bring people together not tear them apart.

“Following my path won’t be easy and I am sure to make mistakes along the way. Restoring trust will not be easy. Americans have lost trust and they are losing faith. But we must start somewhere, some day. I am ready. Friday and Saturday we begin. That’s why Friday and Saturday in Colebrook history will be made. Granite Staters of every political background who oppose Northern Pass will be able to march against Northern Pass with a candidate that shares their love for clean air, clean water, a clean environment and the ‘live and let live’ culture of the state,” Martin says. “They can march with someone who is close to them, someone they can trust, not someone who lands in a corporate jet, collects a pile of money, and departs.

“In a few hours we will release the details and locations of our events. Until then, let us stay united in opposition to Northern Pass, and united in opposition to the hyper-partisanship that is undermining our national capital. It’s time to take New Hampshire values to Washington. I am the presidential candidate who can accomplish that goal on primary election day in February, 2012.”


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