Friday, July 1, 2011

Andy Martin “Long March” backs New Hampshire environment, slams Michele Bachmann

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is fighting the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line in New Hampshire. Martin plans a “Long March” all across New Hampshire protesting against Northern Pass in September. Martin slams “nut cake” Michele Bachmann for proposing to abolish the EPA.


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June 30, 2011

Dear Friends and

Fellow Opponents of Northern Pass:

At our monthly planning meeting and telephone conference this week one of our New Hampshire coordinators suggested I schedule a walk from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border, walking on highways across the state from north-to-south to highlight my opposition to Northern Pass.

The walk would be conducted in 10-15 mile segments over a month to several weeks starting in late August or early September (more likely, better for tourism). People could join me along the way and carry banners etc. for the stretches where they marched. Orange all the way! Wow!

We will be publicizing our opposition to Northern Pass at upcoming events across the state in July, but a “Long March” would dramatize the nature of the transmission line’s statewide impact and allow people all across the state to participate as we came through their communities.

Have you got the legs for it? I do.

We need suggestions on a proposed highway route (i.e. roads to walk) for the Long March, towns to stop along the way, people willing to help or join the march, and advice and ideas with just about every aspect of the project. So let us have your thoughts. We are also ordering an anti-Northern pass banner. Any ideas?

As you know, my activity has a “multiplier” effect. Both my presidential primary candidate opponents as well as the Republican Party bigwigs monitor closely what I do and where I go. In part, “that’s politics,” and in part it’s because they know we have the shrewdest local campaign team and issue-oriented organization on the ground in New Hampshire. We’re not the richest but we’re the smartest. By focusing attention on opposition to Northern Pass my presidential “umbrella” helps all of you with your own activity.

I have over forty years of protect-the-environment background, including opposition to high voltage transmission lines, and I am not going to let candidates such as Michele Bachmann, who wants to trash environmental protection, destroy the Republican Party’s 100 years of support for the environment. Yes, we can make improvements at the EPA. I will make them. No, I am not willing to tear down the existing EPA structure and leave Americans at the mercy of corporate lobbyists and special interests.

I am a conservative, but I am a New Hampshire-style conservative, not a right-wing nut cake.

The big money is coming into New Hampshire to support Northern Pass, and the big “corporate” money is also behind presidential candidates who promise to destroy environmental protection or pretend they don’t see what's happening. They talk about “property rights” in general but don’t want to get down and dirty and fight Northern Pass in particular. That’s typical political hypocrisy. I’m not a hypocrite.

Bachmann’s proposals, for example, would eviscerate citizen input and opposition to projects such as Northern Pass. But to be fair, or not unfair to Bachmann, when it comes to big money corruption both parties are tainted. Luckily for you, I don’t just have a finger-in-the-dike. I have a Chicago-sized fist ready to fight Northeast Utilities and their corporate valets in Washington at DOE.

So give us your input as we plan the “Long March Against Northern Pass.”

We’ll be back in New Hampshire on July 8th for an event in Keene, and it’s onward from there over the next few weekends, step-by-step to victory against Northern Pass in the 2012 Presidential Primary. We’ll update you as to where you can meet-and-greet next weekend .

Best wishes and love,



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