Sunday, July 24, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin to march against Northern Pass

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will announce tomorrow a statewide march against the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line. Northern pass would cut New Hampshire in half.


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July 21, 2011

Re: Exciting news about my opposition to Northern Pass

Dear Opponent of Northern Pass:[1]

I would like to give you advance notice of an important date in the presidential campaign tomorrow. I am going to announce my statewide march across New Hampshire in opposition to the Northern Pass.

Of course all of the Republican presidential candidates “in theory” say they are for “property rights” and against abuses of eminent domain. But I am the only presidential candidate who is putting rubber to the road in New Hampshire by actually standing up and marching against Northern Pass. We have had anti-Northern Pass TV ads on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire since June (see our web site to view the ad).

Northern Pass is an attempt by Hydro Quebec to treat New Hampshire as an energy colony and conduit. NP would cut New Hampshire in half and add dozens of miles of new high voltage transmission towers. Fried eggs, anyone?

Tomorrow we make the historic presidential campaign announcement in Chicago. I came home for a couple of days of r&r before we start the march, and also because my doctor asked me to stop by for a check-up. I’m good to go.

Generally speaking, none of the Republican presidential candidates are bad people. But I am the only candidate with the guts to stand up against an outrageous imposition on the people of New Hampshire.

I am the only candidate who has a history of exposing two-faced Obama. Obama, by the way, is on both sides of the Northern Pass controversy (surprised?). His policy is against it, but his politicians support it.

No, I am not the media’s favorite. They don’t want to nominate a tough Chicago bruiser who will really battle Obama for the survival of this nation and the 50 (not 57) states. The media want an effete Republican to face Obama in 2012 (take your choice from a wide selection).

This I know: it’s going to be hot, real hot on the highways of New Hampshire as I march against Northern Pass. And I aim to make it even hotter for my opponents. If you live in New Hampshire, or are close enough to join us, by all means do so. The announcement tomorrow will carry details how you can link up. And bring your walking shoes or bike (we’ll use both).

July 30, 2011: one Republican presidential candidate not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. The first statewide march in New Hampshire presidential primary history.

Best wishes,



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[1] We send our news to supporters and opponents of NP and, of course, media.

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